Therapists and Demonstrators 2019

Steven Newton

Steven has been in the "spooky" world (as he calls it) for more than 30 years, having started his journey in Norwich at the local Spiritualist church.

He has demonstrated platform mediumship and trance mediumship for many years both in the UK and the USA. His particular passion is for trance philosophy and regularly demonstrates publicly across the country.

Steven is also a tutor with a special interest in Shamanism and altered states. To that end he a guest tutor at the Arthur Findlay College on Shamanic week (3 years in row) where he supported the students in their journeying using the sound of the Native American Flute.

Steven has 2 albums which were nominated for awards. Additionally he received the Silver Arrow lifetime achievement award for his contribution to Native American flute music in 2017. He uses the sound of his flute to meditate, journey and heal.

Rumour has it that he is working on his 3rd album, to be released later this year!

Workshop – Exploring altered states

During this short workshop, Steven will work on connecting with you and the spirit world at varying degrees of altered state, with a view to enhancing your spoken address and further developing your potential for deeper blended states. No experience necessary, just the ability to relax and speak.

Tony Sargeant the Synergy System inventor

Tony lives near Cambridge, a well-travelled, open minded person who embraces holistic and alternative therapies. Tony is committed to helping others become healthier with his Synergy Probe system, he also offers Psychic readings. At 28 when in the USA attending a martial art seminar, Tony found himself immersed in hours of vigorous physical and mental training. Tony was totally exhausted due to the massive drain on his energy levels, he was driving his mind and body beyond normal limits, he found himself thoroughly debilitated but, he had an amazing awakening, from that day on he had psychic awareness, it was the beginning of his journey.

“A psychic with a difference”
Tony now uses this term after being assessed at The London College of Psychic Studies. At the time he was told his gifts were indeed rare. Asked if they knew of any courses that would enhance his abilities, he was told that he should not be attending courses, he should be holding events as he had rare abilities which they had never seen before. Tony was told to follow his intuition hence from then on he became committed to body healing as well as psychic readings.

Over the years Tony’s psychic awareness has strengthened, he has travelled the world and used his Synergy Probe system to assist in the healing of a variety of ailments, some serious, some mild but most with wonderful results. Tony was labelled by those who saw the demonstrations of his Synergy Probe system as, ‘The man with ‘X-ray vision’.

Tony’s healing abilities can be seen on April 19 at the Good Friday Rally where he will be demonstrating how his Synergy System. Tony will also show how others can use this healing system without them needing psychic abilities, his balancing system will amaze even the most skeptic!

An example of the Synergy System working for an MS sufferer
The client took 5 minutes to walk with a stick to my treatment room some 50 metres from his car, he could not drive himself due to the severity of his right leg which had no feeling. After the Synergy treatment I asked him to walk, he was able to without assistance from his stick which he folded and placed under his arm. His leg continued to function normally for 12 weeks without the aid of a stick, he then returned for a top-up session. Today, some many years later, he has no restriction in his walking and has acquired 2 dogs whom he walks daily.

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